How Sex Is Like Your Thermostat – Facts So Romantic

“If you stroke the thermostat just like so…”starmanseries via Flickr

Have you ever stopped to consider how sex is like a thermostat? Sex may not sit in a beige box on your wall (or it might, no judging) but there are some striking similarities. The common ingredient is feedback.

Both sex and your thermostat depend on feedback loops. They work like this: 1) An action produces a result. 2) Information about the result then influences the subsequent action. 3) Repeat. Your thermostat, for example, measures the air temperature, then turns on or cuts off when it crosses the set point. Action of the heater or air conditioner influences the temperature, which influences future action1. And so on, forever—at least until you need new batteries.

People often don’t think about sex as a feedback loop, but it is perhaps one of the most powerful and successful loops of all time. Sure, a hundred things can and do go wrong, but on the whole, people continue to have sex. In fact, it’s very difficult to stop them. And that’s pretty much the point. 

Sex uses positive feedback. The “positive” part doesn’t mean happy or…
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