Odell Beckham’s Helping Hands—the Tech Behind the Catch – Facts So Romantic

It was the catch that broke the Internet. In a game against the Dallas Cowboys last week, rookie wide receiver for the New York Giants Odell Beckham Jr. launched himself into the air backwards, arm outstretched, and managed to catch a pass using one hand—actually just the tips of a thumb and two fingers—to score a touchdown. The Giants would go on to lose the game, but compared to the catch, no one seemed to care about that. The catch has gotten millions of online views and social-media mentions, and has been hailed as a near-miraculous feat of skill and athleticism, both by fans and other pro athletes.


But was it purely Beckham’s ability that yielded the catch? Like most other receivers playing competitive football, Beckham has taken to wearing special, sticky gloves that make it easier for them to make amazing catches. There are many companies making these gloves; Beckham’s are custom-made versions of the Nike Vapor Jet 3.0, which features molded fingers, a “strategic mesh,” and “MagniGrip CL” on the palms and fingers. MagniGrip CL is a sticky material made from a mix of neoprene and silicone designed to help receivers hold on to…
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