Animals Just Wanna Have Fun – Facts So Romantic

Perched on the edge of a snowy slope, the youngster drops a small, makeshift sled at his feet. He steps onto it and glides down the incline, struggling to keep his balance. When the sled slows to a stop, he picks it up and trudges back up to the top for another go. Again and again he swoops down the slope.

This could be a scene from any child’s snow day, but it’s also a description of a sledding crow who happened to get captured on camera. (Watch the video below.) Even if you remind yourself that we humans are prone to misleading ourselves by anthropomorphizing other animals, it’s hard not to see the crow as playful. Without additional context, it’s hard to know what the crow’s really up to, but the crow does do a couple things that scientists would identify as play: His actions appear voluntary, yet pointless—there is no obvious function or benefit to what he’s doing—and he repeats the action several times.

As anyone who has accidentally spent hours playing Candy Crush knows, play is fun, but also costly. It takes up time that could be spent doing something productive, or, even worse, it can even be dangerous: <a…
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