Art’s Biggest Wheel Turns Toward Science – Facts So Romantic

Hans-Ulrich ObristTwitter

Hans-Ulrich Obrist seems to be everywhere—and it’s not much of an illusion. Widely regarded as the most influential figure in today’s art world, he’s worked with a who’s-who of major artists, from painter Gerhard Richter and sculptor Jeff Koons to performance artist Marina Abramovic and architect Rem Koolhass. From his perch as co-director of exhibitions and programs at London’s Serpentine Gallery, the Swiss-born Obrist curates exhibitions around the world, logging a huge amount of travel to attend to that work. He’s also just come out with a new book, Ways of Curating, a slender volume that’s part memoir and part creative manifesto. 

Given his immersion in the artistic avant-garde, it may be surprising to see Obrist’s name popping up alongside prominent figures in the science world. He recently teamed up with the Edge’s John Brockman to put on an “Extinction Marathon” in London. He’s also curated exhibitions with famed philosopher of science Bruno Latour and pioneering quantum physicist Anton Zeilinger. Obrist is on a mission to cross disciplinary boundaries, so it makes sense that he’s charging into the chasm that divides science and art. 

The hyperkinetic Obrist is constantly on the move, but I managed to…
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