Thank You for Buying “Call of Duty” & Helping to Fight Cancer! – Facts So Romantic

No still image can show the amazing realism of the Call of Duty games—but this can give you an idea.Activision

If you’ve seen the latest ads for the video game Call of Duty, they are almost guaranteed to have left an impression.

First-person view, blasting through doors, dodging bullets, jumping off buildings with Taylor Kitsch as your right-hand man. The graphics are, simply put, amazing. Thanks to the tremendous improvements in computer graphics cards, video games today provide more realistic visuals through advances like higher resolution, more frames per second, greater diversity in color, and finer gradations of shading. Gamers demanded greater realism and faster action; developers responded. But it’s not just gamers who are reaping the benefits of superior gaming: the same technological advances are now making real improvements to how doctors treat cancer patients.

Radiotherapy—zapping cancer cells with a dose high-energy photons or charged particles, like electrons or protons—is one of the key tools in fighting cancer, but it’s particularly tricky business. Radiologists must deliver the beam to the mass of cancer cells while avoiding the normal cells surrounding the tumor site; determining the right dose, location, and duration is a complex calculation. Targeting one abnormal…

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