7 Videos That Show the Apex of the Art of Dominoes – Facts So Romantic

If there is one thing that having the Internet in our lives has shown most clearly, it may be that anything you can think of as a hobby is also an obsession to a not-insignificant number of people. And so it is with dominoes. 

A look around online reveals that there are a lot of people who are exceptionally good at using dominoes (“good” in the domino-sphere involves skill, persistence, and most of all patience), and they put in a tremendous amount of work in making some very elaborate setups. These virtuosos have gone far beyond the simple domino-line-across-the-table you probably built as a kid. 

One very timely example is a Rube Goldberg–inspired contraption that re-enacts highlights from the story of the ongoing Jewish holiday of Passover: baby Moses in the basket, the parting of the Red Sea, the plague of blood, etc.: 

But while this machine gets points for creativity and diversity of mediums, for pure domino expertise, it pales before some other works. This setup has a more positive spin on Egypt than the Exodus story, culminating in an enormous 3D pyramid:

Some other setups impress with an even greater number of tiles—like the 82,000 knocked in the beginning…

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