Fallingwater: A Building That Bonds With Nature and Dances With Time – Facts So Romantic

The water flowing down the stream’s banks sends a soft and consistent murmur through the forest. The flow, however, is far from continuous. At one point the cool water swirls in eddies and gathers in still pools, but then—almost accidentally—it surges forward and slips quickly over the ledge. It crashes loudly, bubbling up in a choppy white cauldron before slowing again in a second silent pool.

Some 30 feet above that first ledge is a house that juts out from the side of a hill in a series of concrete trays. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright shortly after the Great Depression, the house appears to float over the falls. It’s easy to see why it’s arguably America’s most famous home.

Wright completed Fallingwater in 1937. In January 1938, Time magazine’s cover story proclaimed it as the famous architect’s most beautiful job. In 1943, Ayn Rand released her novel, The Fountainhead, some of which was inspired by the house. And today over 135,000 people tour it each year.

I visited Fallingwater in May, shortly after winter had melted into spring. Although the rhododendrons had yet to bloom, the surrounding vegetation was a welcoming green. From a distance, the horizontal and vertical elements of the…

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