Why Tinder Charmers and Movie Heroes Move the Same Way – Facts So Romantic

Tinder—in case you’re not active in the young-person dating pool—is a dating application that shows you pictures of other Tinder users in your area. If you are not interested in meeting the person you see, you swipe their picture to the left. If you are interested, you swipe right. If two people right-swipe each other’s photos, the app suggests they get together. (If there is not mutual interest, nothing happens.) Tinder became a quick success in 2013, spawning several copycats, from apps that help your job search to others that help find the right pet, all using the simple swiping interface.

In the visual design of the app, Tinder’s founders capitalized on a bit of human psychology: It seems natural that a positive feeling should be indicated with a rightward swipe rather than a leftward one. In theater directing1, rightward motion is believed to be perceived by the audience as good, and leftward bad, and studies have backed it up. In the film “The Matrix,” most of the time Keanu Reeves’ character gets into a fight, he’s moving left to right on the screen, and his enemy is doing the opposite. Almost every video game ever made…

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