Is Coloring Within the Lines the New Meditation? – Facts So Romantic

I sit motionless on the hardwood floor. My legs are crossed in a full lotus position and the back of my hands rest on top of my knees with my pointer fingers pressed slightly against my thumbs. My posture reflects the small Buddha statue in front of me. And together, our shadows dance on the distant wall, caused by the flickering light of a small candle.

So begins my nightly meditation. But that moment of pure bliss, where the slightest smile can be traced on my lips, never comes.

It fees like it’s 100 degrees in my apartment. Sirens keep rolling past, together with red and blue lights splashed against my closed eyes. My lower back is screaming in pain. My left leg is already fast asleep. My breathing is shallow. And worst of all: My mind is in full flux. I can’t help but think about that impending deadline at work. It’s anything but calming. In retrospect, I could just chalk it up to a bad night. They happen. But there’s a new trend emerging that just might solve my dilemma: coloring books.

Some of the beautiful artwork in the Joanna Basford’s hugely popular adult coloring book The Secret GardenJoanna…

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