This Legendary Deep-Sea Fish Sighting Continues to be Debated After 60 Years – Facts So Romantic

Once, while fishing for salmon, I hooked a clam. It fought bravely, and when I finally pulled it from the water I could see that I hadn’t just snagged it, as you might expect, but that it had taken the bait willingly. These are minor points; what matters here is that the clam, so different from a salmon, forced me to reconsider what might lie below the murky water. It did not seem like a place for clams, but there it was, spinning at the end of my line.  

Fishing is this way. Even knowing what kind of fish you want to catch, where and when to find said fish, and what kind of bait it likes to eat, you’re always working by feel. Line and hook or nets serve as surrogate fingers, groping their way through an unseen world, and until they break the surface and the fist is opened, there is no way of knowing exactly what was grabbed. At risk of mixing metaphors, what I’m trying to say is that there’s always the chance of catching a clam. It’s what makes fishing fun, and it’s also a good way to think about the story of…

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